Kite Lessons

For complete beginner 

Rate: RM150/hr (approx. USD$40) include equipment and instructor

This covers the following: (Note: Usually it takes more than one session to cover everything)

  • Understanding weather and wind directions
  • Assess suitability of the kite spot and determine sign of danger
  • Equipment breakdown understanding its functionality
  • Concept of flying and controlling a kite via experiencing a trainer kite
  • Understanding the experience flying kite in water by body dragging
  • Learn to water start and ride using beginner board


Foiling (for experience kiter only)

Rate: RM200/hr (approx. USD$50) include equipment and instructor

This covers the following:

  • Understanding types of hydrofoil.
  • Understand concepts of foiling on a foilboard to provide you better mental picture of body position for proper balancing.
  • Falling off from hydrofoil is part of learning process so is important for you to understand the safety of riding a hydrofoil board to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Entering and exiting a foilboard in water.
  • Surface riding.
  • Start to foil over water and maintain balance on foil.